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K1000L square tank


K1000L square tank



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K1000L square tank details:
1、Material: The main raw material is imported polyethylene (PE for short).

2、Performance: The tank body is subject to the integral molding without welded joint, is externally and internally smooth and leakage-free,
and is of such optimum performances as the sanitation and resistance to vibration, impact and strong acid and alkali,
and longer service life than the injection products.

3、Scope of application:
1). For the storage, transfer, acid picking, etc. in the hardware, electronics and tool and parts industries.
2). For the rinsing, washing and dyeing in the textile, printing and dyeing, clothing and shoes and hats industries.
3). For the fermentation, salting and storage in the brewing, vegetable and other processing industries.
4). For the storage, transfer, freezing and refrigeration in the pharmaceutical, food and other industries.
Common colors: White, orange and blue.

Note: Specific specifications and colors can be customized!

K1000L square tank details

name model Upper outer D1 Upper part D2 Bottom size Total height Average thickness mm
square tank K1000 1920*1120 1800*1000 1700*900 600 4


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