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PT6000Lchemical storage tank


PT6000Lchemical storage tank



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PT6000Lchemical storage tank's Rotational molding technique:

The technique is the different plastics were dumped into a mould separately for forming three layers during the rotational moulding .

1. The C8-linear low density polyethylene (C8-LLDPE) is used as the main body of the exterior cover. It has advantages of good toughness, high impact strength, etc.,

and is added additionally with ultraviolet absorbent and antioxidant to increase the use life.

2. The middle cover is a pale yellow foam layer, with functions of strengthening the strength, heat preservation, shockproof and impact buffer the tank body.

3. The inner cover is a white lined layer, which can keep the inner clean and beautiful. The high density polyethylene (HDPE) is especially used

PT6000Lchemical storage tank's features:
1.Firm and tenacious: The main raw material is imported polyethylene. It is in a solid quality and is easy to handle.
It is smooth externally and internally smooth and resistant to vibration and impact. When used for water storage, it is unlikely to be moss-ridden and is easy to install and move.

2.Ant-aging: The raw material is added with the inhibitor and ultraviolet light absorber to effectively extend the aging period and service life of the tank body.

3.Satisfactorily chemicals-tolerant: It is of excellent corrosion resistance to various acid and alkali salts
and can accommodate most inorganic acidic, alkaline and saline solutions and some organic solvents.
Its corrosion resistance is 5 times that of glass and can substitute stainless steel, titanium, nickel, high-grade alloy steel
and other materials (see the Table for Chemicals Tolerance attached in the back cover).

4.Economical and durable: The tank body is made with the advanced and superior rotational molding method and is entirely free from welded joint.
 In addition, the tank body is provided with internal, intermediate and external foaming layers, and is externally and internally smooth and easy to clean.

5.Heat-resisting and freeze-resisting: It is of the optimum heat resistance and freeze resistance and can be used at -30℃~70℃.

6.Leakage-free: The water outlet connector and flange are made of the same material with the tank body and are made
with the thermic welding process, which can save the bother of accessory replacement due to the leakage.

PT6000Lchemical storage tank's Scope of application:
it is widely used in the chemical, electronics, cobalt nickel, starch, rare earth, and brewing industries;
for the high-rise building water supply and water storage, industrial cooling water, water treatment works, and environmental works;
and as the supporting equipment for water treatment and purification; as well as the storage and conveying of various raw materials,
preparations, oil products and drinks.

Common colors: White and black

Note: Specific specifications and colors can be customized!


PT6000Lchemical storage tank details:

name model capacity L Cylinder diameter D Manhole diameter d Vertical height h Total height H
tank PT6000 6000 2000 600 2010 2510

PT6000Lchemical storage tank average thickness:

14 11 9 8

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