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MC1000Ldosing tank


MC1000Ldosing tank



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MC1000Ldosing tank details:
1、The main raw material is imported polyethylene (PE for short).

2、Performance: The tank body is subject to the integral molding without welded joint, is externally and internally smooth
and leakage-free, and is of such optimum performances as the sanitation and resistance to vibration, impact and strong acid
and alkali, and longer service life than the injection products.

3、Scope of application: It can be used as the drug and chemicals tanks and can be used together with water treatment, environmental works,
water softening equipment.

Common colors: White and black.

Note: Specific specifications and colors can be customized!

MC1000Ldosing tank details:

name model capacity L Manhole d diameter D Vertical height h Total height H Average thickness mm
dosing tank MC1000 1000 130 1040 1200 1350 6


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